$99 AC Service All Makes & Models – Service While You Wait-

April 11, 2017

$99 A/C Service Special All Makes & Models. When A cars AC system is not blowing cold there is typically a leak somewhere in the system. For only $99 Springdale Automotive will re-charge your AC system, Add  Air Conditioning Dye, Inspect for leaks. Freon is what makes the vehicles Ac System blow cold. When you have a A/C leak, your car’s A/C system is leaking Freon from somewhere in the system.Because Freon is a gas the human eye can not see the leak when it occurs. At Springdale Automotive we always add Dye to the system to help identify where the system leak is located. 

Call Any of our four locations today to have your system re-charged and inspected

Typically takes between. 45mins- 1hr 



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