Auto Engine Inspection & Repair

The engine is the heart of your vehicle. Problems with your engine or how it interacts with the other systems of you car can reduce mileage, increase emissions, cause problems with other systems and ultimately cost you money. These problems can often be related to other parts of your vehicle and should be properly checked by an ASE certified and trained technician. Know the warning signs:

  1. Check engine light – this may be a problem with the engine or a connected part of your vehicle and should be checked as soon as possible.
  2. Blinking “check engine” light – if this light is blinking there is a critical malfunction within your vehicle and it should be serviced immediately. Springdale Automotive technicians are master certified and have years of training and experience to properly diagnose engine problems correctly the first time, saving you time and money.

Engine Maintenance & Repair Services

Standard Oil Change: $29.95 (5qt system)

Full Synthetic Oil Change : $49.95 (5qt system)

MOA (Motor Oil Additive) – $15.00

Check Engine Light Diagnostic, Full Engine Replacement Head Gaskets Maintenance Tune up Timing Belt & Water Pump Replacement

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