Engine Cooling Systems

The cooling system is made up of parts and fluid that work together to control an engine’s operating temperature for optimal performance. Some of the most basic, common parts of the coolant system include: the water pump, radiator, thermostat, and the hoses. The cooling system is intended to be full of antifreeze at all times. If your coolant is low or leaking, this can cause a number of other major issues if not addressed, one being over-heating of the motor. The professionals at Springdale Automotive will always do a detailed winter safety inspection on every car during winter or leading up to the colder months, keeping your business and family safe and on the road.

Engine Cooling Systems Maintenance & Repair Services

For most cars, coolant typically breaks down every 2 years or 30,000 miles. When the coolant becomes old and dirty, it becomes acidic. When the coolant is acidic, it does more harm than help to your vehicle. Flushing out the old dirty fluid and installing the new, clean anti-freeze will help prolong the life of your vehicle and minimize future repairs on your vehicle.

Coolant System Flush

This flush power-cleans the entire cooling system, including the radiator, engine, passages and cooler lines. Removes rust, scale, sludge and all used coolant. Installs new premium coolant and special corrosion inhibitors to condition and provide ongoing protection. Checks cooling system for leaks and proper fluid level.

Coolant Pressure Test

This test will put pressure on your coolant system and allow our trained professionals to properly diagnose your leak.

Cylinder Head Gasket Combustion Test

The most effective and accurate diagnostic test to determine if the cylinder head gasket is sealing combustion gasses is to check for the presence of combustion gasses in the engine coolant. This must be done with the engine warm and the radiator cap removed. The test fluid starts blue, and if your vehicle fails the test, it will emit combustion gas inside the test fluid, changing it to a yellow color and confirming the blown head gasket.

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