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Your tires are the one part of your car that makes contact with the road. They are also one of the key components to safe handling at highway speeds. While tires can last up to 50,000 miles or more, problems with inflation, balance and alignment can all lead to a shortened lifespan. Here are early warning signs to look for on your vehicle’s tires:

  1. Cracks and cuts in the sidewall. These are signs of age and wear on a tire and can lead to a blow out.
  2. Bulges in the sidewall. This can cause the tire to blow out and should be addressed immediately.
  3. Excess tread wear on one side of the tire. This is caused by the tire not being at a 90 degree angle to the ground.
  4. Excess tread wear on the center of the tire. This is a sign of over-inflation and can lead to a blow out.
  5. Vibration while driving. This is caused by the tires being out of balance and can be quickly fixed by a trained technician.

Tire & Wheel Services

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Nitrogen is the best air for your tires in the winter. Nitrogen molecules are 3 to 5 times larger than air molecules, which allows the nitrogen to stay in your tires longer even when cold temperatures are present. With nitrogen, your tires should not fluctuate in hot or cold temperatures. Gas mileage is improved by 6% and tire life is improved by 25% Nitrogen is a one-time charge and all refills are complimentary.

4 Wheel Vehicle Alignment

Measures ride height and steering angles to ensure your tires do not wear unevenly.

Tire Protection Plan

Insurance on new tires purchased through Springdale Automotive, and covers tire repairs, defective tires and 30-day ride satisfaction

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