Transmission & Driveline Repair & Service

Your transmission and driveline are essential to making your car go. The transmission takes the power produced by your engine and delivers it to the wheels. Most transmission problems are easy and inexpensive to fix when caught early, but ignoring early warning signs can turn into thousands of dollars in repairs. This makes it especially important to recognize the warning signs:

  1. “Check engine” light comes on. Modern automobiles have multiple sensors to monitor systems and provide you with an early warning. Springdale Automotive has master technicians trained to analyze the computer information provided by your vehicle.
  2. Leaking fluid. Transmission fluid can be distinguished from engine oil by its cherry red color. A lack of fluid can cause the transmission to seize.
  3. Gears slipping. This is when the power from the engine is not able to deliver all of its power to the wheels.
  4. Rough Shifting. This is when your automobile jerks into motion
  5. Burning smell. This can be caused by overheating or leaking fluids. This needs to be addressed immediately to avoid the risk of fire.

Transmission & Driveline Services

The transmission and driveline is the most complex part of modern cars. Many problems can be intermittent and need to be diagnosed by a fully trained professional with the proper diagnostic equipment. It is also important to remember that cars do not repair themselves, and the longer you wait, the more likely it is that a small problem will become a big one. At Springdale Automotive,  we ensure our technicians have the most current diagnostic tools and training to properly inspect all components of your transmission. -Transmission Service -Drive Line Service

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