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7 Ways to Prevent Catalytic Converter Theft

Why is it valuable?

Catalytic converters can fetch quite a price when sold as they are composed of different metals of value. Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure that you prevent its theft. Here you will find a few simple ways to do that.

Prevention is better than cure

  1. Always park in a secure environment. When possible try to park your car out of harm's way where it will not be visible and therefore not be a target. If this is not possible ensure that you aim for a well-lit area with lots of traffic to deter thieves and ensure that any suspicious activity is noticed.
  2. Security cameras are a useful aid in protecting your belongings and when possible, it is best to park where there is CCTV monitoring. Alternatively, you may choose to invest in a dashboard camera.
  3. Park close to obstacles that will make it difficult for someone to get underneath your car to detach the converter. The idea here is to inconvenience prospective thieves to the point where it is just not worth the effort. Obstacles that you may use include walls, fences and sidewalks.
  4. You can ensure that your converter is as difficult to remove as possible by either asking your garage to weld the bolts that hold your converter in place or to install a lock or clamp.
  5. A catalytic converter lock is a more expensive solution but will be well worth it. Some vehicle brands, like Toyota, have these devices on offer and the device and installation is much less expensive than replacing a stolen converter.
  6. A catalytic converter clamp attaches to the underside of your car in many places and will protect the converter as well as other valuable parts from removal.
  7. Ask your garage to allocate a serial number to your car's converter that will ensure that it is identifiable. The unique serial number is traceable and, should your car's converter be stolen, ensure that it will be identified later on.

What to do if my car's converter is stolen?

If you employ the above methods, you may well prevent your car's converter from being stolen, but in the unfortunate event of converter theft, it will need replacement. If you need a catalytic converter replacement, give our auto repair shop a call today!

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