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Common Check Engine Light Causes

What To Trouble Shoot First

Your vehicle’s check engine light is designed to offer you a warning signal for many performance issues. From a small spark plug inefficiency to a major engine issue, learn what common causes to expect from this warning signal.

Damaged Oxygen Sensor

A common cause of a check engine light is a damaged oxygen sensor. Your vehicle has one or more oxygen sensors that monitor air intake and exhaust. A damaged sensor can dramatically reduce the fuel economy of your vehicle, so it’s important to replace it promptly. An oxygen sensor alert can also be a sign of a more significant issue, like a clogged catalytic converter.

Clogged Catalytic Converter

All vehicles are equipped with a catalytic converter to reduce dangerous emissions. A catalytic converter can become clogged with contaminants over time, which reduces its efficiency. Once completely clogged, it can cause your engine to stall without warning. Have a local mechanic inspect your converter to ensure it’s working efficiently and free from clogging debris.

Bad Spark Plug

A small issue that makes a big difference in terms of fuel efficiency is a bad spark plug. When a spark plug is working inefficiently, it can reduce your fuel economy. A damaged spark plug that fails to work could cause an engine misfire or prevent your engine from starting at all.

Gas Cap Issues

Thankfully, not all check engine light warnings are an emergency. If your gas cap is loose or missing, your engine light will illuminate. This is because a gas vapor leak is harmful to the environment and can reduce the amount of fuel in your tank. Check your gas cap before making a trip to the mechanic and see if this removes the warning light.

Schedule a Service Inspection Today

When your check engine light illuminates in Louisville, KY, stop by a trusted mechanic in your area. At Springdale Automotive, we have three great locations around Louisville to offer thorough inspections and quality repair services. Request an appointment today to restore your vehicle and clear your check engine alert from your dash. Don’t wait until this warning turns into significant engine damage, but discuss issues with a talented and friendly mechanic today to determine the best course of action.

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