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Everything You Need to Know About Timing Belts

Timing Belt Replacement in Westport, Kentucky

When you turn your engine on, you expect to hear a symphony of perfectly timed parts roaring together in unified power. The one part that makes all of that possible? The timing belt! If you ever find that your vehicle isn't running as it should, be sure to visit Springdale Automotive in Westport, Kentucky for possible timing belt repair or replacement!

What It Is

In short, the timing belt controls the movement of parts in the engine for perfect timing and performance. You can think about the system of parts like a clock with lots of gears — it's complicated.

How It Works

To be more specific, the timing belt connects the crankshaft and camshaft, synchronizing their rotation and the engine's valves and pistons to prevent failure.

The crankshaft converts energy generated by the pistons' pounding linear movement to eventually turn the wheels. The camshaft opens and closes the engine's valves to allow air and gas to flow in and out of the engine. The timing belt links the crankshaft and camshaft in perfect unison to prevent the pistons and valves from colliding.

Teeth on the rubber belt act similar to a bike chain to keep cogs, bearings, and shafts working in perfect timing. Proper synchronization of the pistons and valves is what keeps the engine running smoothly. If even one second is off, the engine will completely breakdown!

Why It's Important

The timing belt prevents the pistons from catastrophically striking the valves. In that situation, the engine would completely breakdown! With that being said, you are probably wondering how to avoid problems with the timing belt. As with all other parts, the timing belt will wear out over time, which is why manufacturers recommend replacement within a certain timeframe. The maintenance schedule in your owner's manual is a good place to find information about your vehicle's ideal timing belt replacement intervals.

Common Problems

When teeth on the belt wear out, a smooth section is left and causes cogs to slip, creating problems in engine performance. Timing belts are also subject to unraveling and derailing. While complete breakage is uncommon, sometimes corrosion by oil and grease accelerates wear and causes early failure. Another common problem is with the tensioner. When the tension is too loose or tight, the belt's lifespan is shortened by whipping and excessive strain. It's important to replace the timing belt according to your manufacturer's recommendations to avoid catastrophic engine failure!


Timing Belt
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