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How Professionals Fix Check Engine Lights

Don't Fear, Diagnostics Are Here!

For some drivers, the check engine light is the most mysterious and ominous of all the dashboard indicators. They know it means their vehicle has a problem, and sometimes fear takes that idea to its worst possible outcome. The panic sets in and they think their car is done for! But once they bring their vehicle to Springdale Automotive in Westport, Kentucky, they realize the light isn't something to fear! In fact, it's a useful message from your vehicle designed to prevent serious problems! How is that possible? Let's explore!

How We Find the Problem

For drivers that have never had the unfortunate experience of seeing the check engine light illuminated on the dashboard, our technicians hope to save you some trouble and stress. All the worry in the world won't tell you what's wrong with your vehicle! Understanding how we fix check engine lights will help you see that they aren't worth the fear or panic. They are just a tool used to keep your car in top condition!

Our technicians use advanced diagnostic equipment to tap into a car's monitoring system and find out where the exact issue is occurring. Using the information provided by the scan tool, they can quickly provide repairs that are guaranteed to eliminate the check engine light.

The light itself serves as a warning to drivers to seek professional attention. Once a technician plugs in the code reader, they'll immediately identify the problem and give you an answer on what's going on under the hood. Once proper repairs are complete, a technician will turn off the warning light and send you back on your way!

Get Solutions Fast!

If that process sounds simple, it's because it is! It only takes a few minutes for a mechanic to plug in the diagnostic equipment and tell you what's wrong with your car. Then, depending on the severity of repairs, all they have to do is replace a part or two to restore your vehicle's perfect health! Now that you know how the check engine lights work and how we repair them, understand that your first course of action should always be to visit Springdale Automotive's professionals in Westport, Kentucky for engine light service!

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