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Is My Car Battery On Its Way Out?

Did you know that most cars nowadays run self-check and diagnostic routines, even after you’ve parked them and turned off the engine? Your vehicle has many sensors that remain active. These include alarms for security purposes too. None of these systems draw a significant amount of power. But, what happens when you don’t drive your car for a while? Leave it sitting in a garage. When you come back to your car, the battery won’t be able to start the car.


When people leave their cars undriven for a while, they typically experience starting problems. And since you haven’t driven the car, the alternator hasn’t been able to charge the battery. The self-check sensors that stay on would have eventually drained what was left of your battery. This could be a reason why your battery isn’t working.


Another reason car batteries can drain quickly is from a malfunctioning alternator. When this component can’t charge the battery, you will be stuck with issues starting your car. Otherwise, it may be that your battery is nearing its end. Fortunately, battery replacements are not too tough of a job. However, it should be left to the professionals to handle. 


When you are having starting problems, simply bring your car to our auto repair shop for a diagnostic check of the charging system. Our technicians can run a comprehensive check before to ensure it is the battery and nothing else. If a battery replacement is needed, we got your back.


Some battery replacements require a system test or reset procedure. When replacing your car battery, you must be very careful. Installing the wrong battery type or improperly installing one can lead to numerous problems down the line.


If you’re looking for careful battery replacements, look on further than Springdale Automotive. Please give us a call or visit today!

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