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Timing Belt Replacement

When to Replace

If you want to prepare for your vehicle's needs throughout its lifespan, you need to know when it will need specific repairs. The timing belt is one part that will inevitably need replacement, and when it does, the experts at Springdale Automotive on Westport Road in Louisville, Kentucky can help! Here's how to find out when your car's timing belt will need replacement.

What It Is

The timing belt keeps important parts in the engine working in unison. Without it, the pistons and valves would collide. The results would be catastrophic and leave your car stuck in a standstill. Think of the timing belt and other related parts like a clock with all the gears fitting together for perfect function.

When to Replace

With toothed gears, the timing belt keeps important parts moving in perfect time. But these teeth can wear out over time. Vehicle manufacturers know this when they build the car, which is why they include helpful information about its replacement in the owner's manual. Your vehicle's manufacturer wants you to replace the timing belt before it wears out or breaks. Once it does, your engine will have huge problems that will require extensive and costly repairs. But they also know you don't want to spend money on replacing it sooner than it's really necessary. In your owner's manual, you should find a recommended time to replace the belt that maximizes its full lifespan without putting it at risk of failure. This number could be different depending on the vehicle, so your owner's manual is a good place to start!

Ask the Experts

If you think the manufacturer's recommendations aren't an accurate estimate for your vehicle, you can always ask the experts at Springdale Automotive on Westport Road in Louisville, Kentucky to inspect your timing belt. We can tell you if it's a safe idea to opt for sooner replacement, or if it still has more life to give. We can also make sure all other parts in the system are in good condition and working properly to ensure your car is performing its best!


Timing Belt
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