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Why Are My Headlights So Dim?

When it gets dark or rains, your first instinct should be to switch on your headlights. Some cars nowadays can even self-detect when you should have your headlights on and off. The entire purpose of headlights is to keep you and others safe by being an artificial source of light. When you notice a change in your headlights’ brightness, it can make driving more challenging than before. There are several common reasons why your headlights are suddenly dimmer than before:

Oxidized Headlight Lenses

Vehicle headlights have a clear plastic cover over the headlights to protect the bulbs from damage. The plastic lens can get oxidized from sun exposure over time. Plus, external debris can scratch the outer layer of the lens, making it look white or cloudy. The discoloration may prevent the light rays from shining through brightly. 

Ground Wire Corrosion

The wires connecting your headlights to the chassis are necessary for their performance. The ground wires are a part of a circuit, which gets direct power to allow the lights to shine. If the wire is damaged or corroded, the electricity won’t flow freely, which may affect the light output.

Failing Alternator

The alternator provides electrical power to nearly all electrical accessories in cars, including the power steering, windshield wipers, radio, power windows, and headlights. When the alternator gives out, the battery will take charge and eventually become overloaded. In the process of this, your headlights will go dim.

Bad Alternator Belt

The alternator belt is a pulley that connects the alternator to the engine. A worn belt can slip and slide, causing your headlights to dim or brighten. It may look like your lights are flickering. Let the experts at Springdale Automotive check on the condition of your vehicle’s belts.


Unfortunately, dim headlights can be more than the lights themselves. They can signal a larger problem at hand. If you notice that your vehicle’s headlights are not as bright as they should be, bring your car to Springdale Automotive for help.

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