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Timing Belt

Timing Belt Repair in Louisville, KY

Keep Your Engine Parts in Sync--Springdale Automotive

Complete Timing Belt Service

Your vehicle's rubber timing belt keeps the engine's crankshaft and camshaft in sync. The timing belt change interval is different for every vehicle but our team is highly skilled at recognizing a timing belt repair need before your vehicle's performance is compromised. Springdale Automotive in Louisville, KY wants to protect your vehicle's engine from a breakdown. Many vehicle owners have tried to start their car in the morning only to find out that the timing belt had snapped. The timing belt is often overlooked by vehicle owners because it's not the most obvious and consistent service need. This is where our ASE Certified technicians come in handy. We adhere to the manufacturer's recommendations and your driving habits when providing a maintenance inspection. We're able to identify and service any timing belt malfunctions or warning signs.

Water Pump & Tensioner Replacements

Your vehicle will not start if the timing belt breaks, so you will need to have your vehicle towed to Springdale Automotive for a timing belt replacement. It's also a good idea to replace the water pump, tensioners, and pulleys to avoid the possible costs of a future water pump breakdown. Your vehicle's engine has many moving parts and they all must be fully synchronized. The timing belt is the key component for keeping these engine parts–pistons, valves, water pump, oil pump–operating correctly. If the timing belt breaks, the engine valves and pistons will collide, creating extensive damages to the engine. Let us provide the accurate and complete timing belt repairs that your vehicle needs. The timing belt replacement interval is typically every 60,000 to 90,000 miles. This repair need often catches vehicle owners by surprise because they either forget that it's a replacement need or are not aware that the timing belt exists. We'll make sure you avoid major engine failure down the road by keeping you two steps ahead with our quick but thorough maintenance inspection services.

Schedule Your Timing Belt Service

Visit us today and we'll let you know the truth about your vehicle's immediate needs. With our maintenance inspections, we can analyze the timing belt's condition. Springdale Automotive knows how to keep your vehicle's engine in tip-top shape by performing effective timing belt repairs and replacements. Your vehicle's engine is operating with many moving metal parts. To make sure these parts never interfere with each other, the timing belt service is necessary. Our team will prevent expensive and irreparable damages to your vehicle's engine with efficient and effective timing belt services. Give us a call today at 502-289-0984 to schedule a timing belt repair. You can save time by scheduling right now using our convenient online scheduling system. Next time you're in the area, feel free to stop by with any questions or concerns. We gladly welcome all of our walk-in customers.

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