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Check Engine Light

Check Engine Light in Louisville, KY

Is Your Dashboard Light On?--Springdale Automotive

Advanced Engine Diagnostics

The check engine light is usually a surprise that can cause a sinking feeling in your gut. Your engine typically knows long before you do that there's trouble. However, it was designed to give you an early alert so you have plenty of time to get to your favorite repair shop–Springdale Automotive–for an effective check engine light diagnosis and repair. This is no time to panic, but it's also not a time to ignore the check engine light. We understand that coming to the repair shop may not be on your to-do list, but ending up on the side of the road can't be on the agenda either. If at all possible, we'd like you to come see us as soon as possible. This gives us the opportunity to perform expert diagnostics before it's too late. Our goal is to avoid any extensive damages that will compromise your road travel or put a serious dent in your wallet.

State-of-the-Art Tools & Equipment

The first dashboard alert will be a solid red/orange light. This annoying light will keep staring you in the face while you drive until you let us handle it. It may be a mystery why your check engine light came on in the first place, but it's always a relief when you find out the truth. The situation under the hood could be something as insignificant as a loose gas cap, and issue with your spark plug wires, or it could be a complex transmission repair or catalytic converter need. There's no way of knowing for sure without the professional attention of Springdale Automotive's technicians, using state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment. You may be able to handle the problem during your next stop at the gas station, but if you decide to bring it to us we won't even charge you for it! More importantly, we'll let you know if there's a problem that needs immediate attention or identify any potential problems.

Schedule Your Check Engine Light Repair Today!

We'll solve your vehicle's mystery today! The problem(s) under the hood could be almost anything. There's no telling without professional diagnostic equipment. We discourage all of our customers from trying to self-diagnose the check engine light. Extensive damages can be done by continuing to drive with a check engine light. Many drivers will assume that the check engine light is not serious because there are no other warning signs. This type of procrastination will leave you on the side of the road. We want you to avoid this at all costs. In fact the cost will be much more expensive should you need a tow or a part replacement. Give us a call today at 502-215-0680 to schedule your check engine light service. Feel free to use our convenient online scheduling system to schedule your check engine light repair appointment today! Next time you're in the area–9260 Westport Road–feel free to stop by for any auto repairs you may need. We gladly welcome all of our walk-in customers!

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